Saturday, 12 March 2011

Gosh - this blogging business requires commitment!

So, its been 6+ weeks? Never mind. The sort of stuff I want to blog about is fairly time-independent.
Take yesterday... most frequent, as any trucker will tell you, is the stupidity of motorists leaving motorways at junctions. Typically you will be last in a long line of vehicles in the nearside lane - with maybe a quarter mile of empty lane behind you. Motorist overtakes you, realises they are passing 'their' exit and takes a dive between you and the vehicle in front - straight through all the solid white lines and everything.
There was all that space behind you and they choose to ignore it - preferring the dive to potential oblivion instead?
Yesterday's was a classic. Brand new ('11' reg) black hatchback, straight thro the gap, then the driver wound down his window waved a thankful hand at me and gave me the thumbs up as he careered off along the slip road!
He obviously thought I had given way. He was mistaken. The only thing I gave him was a complete lack of hooting, flashing of lights, or verbal abuse.
I don't do road rage :-)

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