Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Timed deliveries

For some reason this didn't post before, so here is what I think I wrote earlier in the day...:-)

I quite understand why big companies (eg Tesco) don't want all their deliveries to arrive at once but why is it that when you have another delivery in the same area that they insist on not allowing you in the gate more than half an hour before time?

This is why I am sat for an hour outside the gates at Fradley...
Its just a waste of resources! (Yes, it does rankle that I am doing nothing - but being paid for it! Its nice, but its fundamentally wrong!)

Even worse of course is being sent away if you arrive minutes too late for a delivery. Who gains from that? Its really, really bad environmentally as well as (generally) not your fault!

It wouldn't be so bad if they were able to tip you efficiently once you got in there! But it seems different rules apply. A few years ago the 'team' at Middlewich were quite shocked when I threatened to leave if my 3 hour wait stretched to 4 (it didn't!)

(PS Today unloading two pallets took over an hour!!!)

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