Friday, 7 January 2011

It begins...

Ok, I'm new to blogging, and relatively new to trucking. It was a midlife 'career choice' forced on me by redundancy in 2007. Prior to a job at Nottingham University - where I went on a 'temporary' technician's post in 1978 - I had been a white van man. During my 28 year at the Uni, I always said that if I got made redundant I would go for my HGV Class 1 - or as it is now known an LGV C+E!

The object of this blog is to inform, educate, complain, and occasionally rant, about our transport system.
So here goes...

Firstly, about that Class 1/LGV C+E thing.
What kind of an idiot ever thought that would catch on? 

Here we are several years down the line from the change and local authorities are still putting up signs saying 'No HGVs' and the like. Why? because, as everybody knows, LGV stands for 'light goods vehicle' and has done so for decades. It will remain so for decades.

Also, whilst I can understand the logic of the C+E thing (ie C[=LGV] + E[=trailer]) it really is not good is it?
I have already lost count of how many times a month I have to explain this stuff!

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