Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Uneventful trip round Redditch and Coventry Arena. The traffic flowed smoothly and none of those irritating overhead signs seemed to be in use anywhere - very unusual. One day soon I will write a diatribe about them and what an utter waste of money they, and those who administer them, are - but not today!

The most exciting thing, just on the last few hundred yards back to the yard, was passing an oncoming fellow M&S driver and hearing the horrendous jangling of metal from the rear of his trailer! I was trying to find out who he was when he reappeared at the yard. The rear steel 'bumper' had failed at one end and dropped to the ground just after he had gone out the gates.  It doesn't imply much about the build strength of the new super dooper 'tear-drop' trailers!

Also of interest was that the Coventry Canal at Polesworth had broken ice on it for the first time since November! Someone had obviously been through breaking what still appeared to be a couple of inches of ice. That would not have been easy going. Also at Coventry Arena, the ice on the Coventry Canal arm was broken too - not quite so thick there though.

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