Monday 28 March 2011

Two Lanes into One Won't Go! (Easily!)

On the A52 eastbound from Nottingham, there is a section past Ratcliffe on Trent where the fast dual carriageway (50mph for trucks) turns into a single carriageway (ie 40 mph for trucks).  Therefore, inevitably there is a queue of cars trying to overtake before this slow section. It doesn't seem to matter that trying to cram into the smaller space regrettably means that we all end up doing 35mph for the next mile while everyone sorts out their personal space - they all still try anyway!

Anyway, on Saturday, there was the usual queue of cars getting past me before the narrow bit. Just as the last one went by, I noticed two more were going to have a go. Giving an inward sigh I prepared to take avoiding action - the road was already narrowing. Car one (prat) made it and nipped into the gap in front of me (I am already slowing at this point to make the gap bigger). He then brakes (I expected that - they usually do - not realising how small a gap was left).

Meanwhile car two (double prat) is still trying to get in - straddling the cross hatching and just clearing the oncoming traffic. He (although I think it was actually a she) realises this is not sustainable and drops back. Sorry but - I just can't create gaps out of nowhere; in my mind I am visualizing the crumpled wrecks of the queue of cars behind as they slam into the rear of my trailer if I do an 'emergency stop'.

Just one question, where did you go? You weren't behind anymore after the next junction. Were you *really* so desperate to get by (and almost kill yourself and other innocents into the bargain) that it was worth trying?

Saturday 12 March 2011

Gosh - this blogging business requires commitment!

So, its been 6+ weeks? Never mind. The sort of stuff I want to blog about is fairly time-independent.
Take yesterday... most frequent, as any trucker will tell you, is the stupidity of motorists leaving motorways at junctions. Typically you will be last in a long line of vehicles in the nearside lane - with maybe a quarter mile of empty lane behind you. Motorist overtakes you, realises they are passing 'their' exit and takes a dive between you and the vehicle in front - straight through all the solid white lines and everything.
There was all that space behind you and they choose to ignore it - preferring the dive to potential oblivion instead?
Yesterday's was a classic. Brand new ('11' reg) black hatchback, straight thro the gap, then the driver wound down his window waved a thankful hand at me and gave me the thumbs up as he careered off along the slip road!
He obviously thought I had given way. He was mistaken. The only thing I gave him was a complete lack of hooting, flashing of lights, or verbal abuse.
I don't do road rage :-)