Thursday 25 September 2014

Raising speed limits

Today i found out the government plans to raise the speed limits for LGVs on single and dual carriageways to 50 and 40 mph respectively. That is good news. even though i am totally against raising limits elsewhere. This will save lives. How? Because the nearest misses i see on a regular basis are those almost caused by impatient idiots trying to overtake me when i am stuck at 40 on a road designed for higher speeds. Not everyone is just involved in near misses. Some people die in head on collisions. Not just the guilty. My only complaint with this change is that the idiots will still be out there...

Thursday 18 September 2014

Good services M6 J31a

Spar have a distribution centre just off this junction. They also have their own motorway services with spar supermarket, fast food outlets and fuels - all at standard non-motorway prices. Very handy for those of us en route to the IOM!

Saturday 13 September 2014

Long time no blog?

I've decided its time i got into this properly. 2 days running down to thurrock from nottingham. Nice to see the new crash barriers on the m25 between junc25 and 28 almost done. However the impending new ones on the m1 between junc16 and 19 seems to be causing hold ups already because the lanes are oh so narrow. It can only get worse unless things are changed. I have thought before that too much space is given to contractors at the expense of the safety of road users.