Tuesday 6 September 2011

A1 - Junc 17 (for 2-9-11)

Blogger doesn't seem to like my UbiSufer - so that's twice it failed!
Anyway, this was meant for last Friday...

My route from Bury St Edmunds back to Long Eaton doesn't actually go on the A1 - let alone near junction 17! However, the closure of that junction last Friday led to an 11 mile crawl along the A14/A11 joint section between Cambridge and Huntingdon because all the potential A1 traffic was diverted via the A14/M1(N). That wouldn't have been a problem in itself (although the A14 westbound was busier than I have ever seen it) - but it did mean that this same extra volume of traffic had to go through the traffic lights on the island in Huntingdon!

This was the problem - you would have thought that the 'traffic management plan' could have been better thought out really so that this light sequence was 'adjusted' to cope with the temporary biased demand!?

Or maybe that would be expecting too much?