Monday 2 January 2012


2 in just over a week!? The first was my fault. Mostly. Doing a trailer separation the yellow airline got tangled somehow and snapped - or rather shattered. We couldn't find all the pieces and as it was white rather than yellow, consensus was it was time expired. Today though, all i may have done wrong was turn the key too fast? Either way the starter seems to have jammed and i'm waiting for the green flag cavalry...

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Sunday 1 January 2012

Lots of strange police cars...

Originally to be posted 8-2-11!

On Saturday, I went to do a trailer swap at Stoke on Trent. Along the A50, just before Uttoxeter, I was overtaken by a black Lexus 'blue-lighting' at speed. This was immediately followed by a black Vauxhall and a black BMW. A few minutes later there was another pair of black cars 'blue-lighting'. Reaching Stoke there was even more police activity. Is this what happens when somebody 'important' passes along the way? Or just coincidence?

Dirty linen....

This is what happens when an M&S (or Next?) 'loose load' goes over speed humps (or similar) - so check what you are buying and moan like the blazes if its grubby!  Its not the store's or the driver's fault, its just a naff system :-)