Saturday 28 November 2015

Emergency vehicles - incidence of!

A couple of weeks ago I remarkd to SWMBO that when out driving I had noted that 90% of 'blue light incidents' were ambulances. Of the remaining 10%, 8 would be police cars and only 2 would be fire engines. When I started this line of work I expected Fire engines and police cars to be much higher represented.
The next day I was delayed on the M4 by 2x fire engines, 2 police cars, a traffic officer and a vet - all of whom were a attending a horse box with blood oozing from the rear door - there is no way that could be anything but sad. :-(
The next working day after that I had half an hour spare before a delivery to Tesco at Crick so decided to tke a turn up the A5 to the truck stop. As I went round the last roundabout leading on to the single carriageway A5, I heard sirens. Then I realised that two fire engines were coming round after me so I pulled into a gap in the layby to let them past. One hooted in what I took to be a 'thank you'. Moving off again I was behind the second appliance who then braked, stopped, firemen got out and coned off the road right in front of me!  It was only then that I was able to see the car on the offside wrapped around a road sign. Reassuringly what I first thought was a fat bloke trapped behind the wheel turned out to be an air bag :-)
So, I did a U'y and rested in the layby for my delivery time.
20 mins later there was still no police car closing the road off at the roundabout and a steady procession of trucks and other vehicles were heading up into the closed off road and doing u-turns to the annoyance of following vehicles who couldn't (yet) see what was going on.
Last to arrive was an ambulance.
It just goes to show there is always an exception to any statement. Instead of the 90/8/2% I mentioned above, in that week it was more or less the other way round!

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